Our mission is to empower PAs through advocacy and education; providing resources for physician assistants as well as the community in the pursuit of excellence for team-based medicine. 

RIAPA Accomplishments

Thanks to the handwork and deication of RIAPA leaders Rhode Island is one of the most PA friendly  states in the country.  

RIAPA advocacy has resulted in:

    • The RI  PA Practice Act being the first to have all of  AAPA 6 Key Elements that allow PAs to practice at the top of their abilities 9 years before the AAPA 6 Key Elements were identified
    • Inclusion of PAs in state healthcare regulations.
    • The PA profession's voice heard by being invited to join legislative commissions 
    • RIAPA being recognized by healthcare policy makers as a resource 
    • RI being  one of only seven states in the country to have a separate licensing and disciplinary board for PAs. 
    • PAs being added to the Professional Corporations Act  thereby allowing ownership of medical PCs and partnerships with physicians.
RIAPA Time Line
  • 1976 - RIAPA Founded Charted as an AAPA Constituent Chapter PA Practice Act (RIGL 5-54) enacted
  • 1978 - Rhode Island Medical Society accepts  PAs as members
  • 1982 - PA law amended to correct flaws in the original legislation
  • 1986 – PA to physician ratio increased to 4:1 outside of licensed health care facilities. Ratio eliminated entirely in facilities
  • 1988 – Requirement for the supervising physician to be present in the facility at all times removed.
  • 1991 – Prescriptive authority; Additional PA added to Board of Licensure for PAs
  • 1992 – PA to physician ratio eliminated in all settings
  • 1995 – Credential changed from registration to licensure
  • 1999 – Full prescriptive authority for schedule II - V controlled substance Rhode Island become the first state to achieve all 6 key elements of a modern PA practice necessary to allow Pas to practice at the maximum of their training.  (6 Key Elements identified by AAPA in 2008)
  • 2000 - PAs added to Professional Services Corporation Act thereby allowing PAs to form professional corporation or become partners with other PAs, physicians, or nurses
  • 2005 - PAs authorized to use fluoroscopy
  • 2008 - Rhode Island Medical Society creates PA seat on Governing Council
  • 2011 - Provisions added to 5-54 allowing PAs to participate in emergencies and disasters without supervision or with whatever physician supervision is available and exempting physicians from supervision requirements.

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